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Links related to the articles
Age Wave
As Ken Dychtwald expresses it: "... hopes and solutions for how we might chart and navigate the best course to our collective futures."
Perugia, Italy: An Enchanting Jewel in Umbria's Crown
Follow the adventures of our author, Marjorie Dorfman, in Perugia, Italy, where she lived, played and believe it or not even went to school for more than two years.
We found this site for professional hair styling tools like ceramic flat irons, professional hair dryers, hair and skin care products. Very responsive and helpful people. A must see.
Mabels Mature
An easy to use no frill site with large font and ease of navigation that can be the one-stop resource for all your over 50 needs to help you make the most out of life. Extra help for UK visitors.
Sandwich Generation
Comprehensive article concerning the problems associated with elder care as experienced by the Sandwich Generation.
Online Games For Seniors
Safe, entertaining website, with games specially loved by seniors: brain-fitness and -teasers, memory workout and exercises, focus games, logic games and more. Plenty of difficulty levels. Have fun!!
Love To Know / Seniors
Comprehensive site catering to the needs of senior citizens everywhere. A very interesting read. Lots of good, sensible tips for safety.
Ultimate Yoga Resource Guide
Ultimate is the word for this site. Realy all sorts of questions answered about Yoga.
Site discussing frauds and scams from Nigeria which many seniors fall prey to.
The Geezer Web
A site not to be missed for the wonderful attitude and amusing news.
And there's the GeezerMusic Club for those of us who remember the "oldies" and the best of what's new, as well. Reviews. Videos. Music clips. Modern and nostalgic at the same time.
Santosha is the Sanskrit word for contentment. Visit this fascinating online resource to learn all about yoga, meditation and the art of conscious living.
Arkadia - Homes for sale by owner & holiday rentals
International real estate classified ads from homeowners or brokers to buy, sell or rent your property, house, apartment, business, land. Worldwide directory of vacation rentals by owner!.
A wonderful site for resources. A must visit for seniors with time on their hands during this busy season.
The Halloween Ball at the Moon Palace
Explore this deep and fascinating Halloween site. Quite a work of art.
Medem Learning Center, Medical Library
Top articles from the nation's leading medical societies. You can select information on specific diseases and conditions from the drop down menus. Check back often. New learning centers are continually being added.
About.com, Senior Health
Read this interesting article on how to avoid cataract surgery fraud.
Grands Place
A wonderful comprehensive site for all kinds of resources and help for grandparents raising children.
Mothers 35 Plus
The website for mothers over 35. Here's an excellent source of information and advice on pregnancy and birthing.
FunnyTaf – Great free stuff
This site is a labor of love. Hard to believe there could be so MUCH free stuff available on the web!
Sassy Pink Peppers
Kim and Terri's advice is excellent: "Laugh. Dance. Move on." And their community could be a great help to you. Have a look!
Mind Tools
Techniques and individual tools that you can use to remember information. How to use the skills in practice to remember peoples names, languages, exam information, etc.
B Independent
Some wonderful discussion of memory and injury. The brainchild (and heartchild) of two couples living with brain injury.
Retirement Talk
This site is endearing and is an information source for anyone who is retired, thinking of retiring, or just curious about the topic. It is also a fun place to read stories, discuss the ins and outs of retiring, tips about the subject, and links to helpful sites.
Bruderhof Generation Connection
The elderly may not be as productive as the younger people who have displaced them in the workplace, but they still have a lot to give. This website will share stories, experiences and suggestions for action, and will connect old people with young people. A heartwarming place to visit.
Timeless Tips For An Easier, Safer and Cheaper Future
The world's largest collection of tips, hints and ideas that have been passed down through the generations, compiled with the sole purpose of trying to make our lives easier simpler and cheaper.
A very endearing site to visit. Created to help entertain and educate seniors. An ongoing saga of their cartoon characters provides humor and useful information.
The American Institute of Stress
A site dedicated to advancing our understanding of the role of stress in health and illness, the nature and importance of mind-body relationships and our inherent potential for self-healing.
Extreme Cosmetics
A site covering the question of collagen implants vs botox. The site discusses the pros and cons and dangers of both. Informative and helpful to anyone considering surgery
Holiday Snowglobe
This wonderful little e-traction is made by a group named "e-Tractions". You just have to click on the globe and shake it up with your cursor.
Move Our Home
Planning really can make the difference on this most stressful day. Check out this site that covers all bases.
From driving directions in the USA to world maps, Maps.com has it all. It can help you find a friend or any place in the world, whether or not you consider yourself lost or found.
Virtual Kiss
The online kissing resource! Adorable web site about the art of the kiss and the dating doctor, who answers all your questions about dating, relationships and sex.
Human Growth Hormone
This is a site where you can learn about the subject. They even offer injectable Saizen, Serostim, and Humatrope human growth hormone online at wholesale prices.
News About Snoring
A site featuring the latest news for snoring sufferers offering an archive, subscription and free newsletter!
Elder Law Answers
Supports seniors, their families and their attorneys by providing the best information on the Internet about crucial legal issues facing seniors, a network of highly qualified elder law attorneys nationwide and online practice tools. Their information is designed to be thorough, up-to-date and easy to understand.
Eminem's Web Site
An education and a trip into the world of rap, even if you don't want to go. This site centers on the rap idol: his music, news, tours and fan pages.
Modern Manna
An interesting and comprehensive web site offering hotlines, products an vital information about the importance of daily exercise on one's life.
A site just loaded with great stuff for your nails and for hair care, including hair loss and baldness treatments, hair loss concealers, shampoos and vitamin supplements.
The Second Wives Club
An interesting site providing comfort and advice to second wives and step moms. It is completely biased and its claim to fame is that it "has been making second wives and step-moms come first since 1997!"
Allergy Elimination
Nambudripad Permanent Allergy Elimination Technique eliminates all types of allergy and related diseases.
Insomnia Corner
Learn about insomnia from expert Gregg D. Jacobs, PhD. This site features articles and reviews of recent scientific studies pertinent to the treatment of insomnia.
A health and wellness site dealing with the problems associated with menopause. It contains many helpful resources.
Middle Age Organization
An interesting site designed to share experiences. It includes essays, insights, irritations and advice on the subject of aging. Note this thought from the Home page: when we decide we're middle-aged, it's with resignation, not pleasure. That's not simply a misunderstanding, it's wrong and potentially damaging to you now and in your future.
World Center For Dental Implantology
This comprehensive site provides information on all aspects of dental implantology. It also acts as a "jump" from which one can link to other informative dental implant sites.
The Arthritis Foundation
A comprehensive web site that covers all aspects of living with arthritis. It publishes Arthritis Today, a magazine which offers expert advice and research news.
Hairloss Talk
HairlossTalk showcases the only hair loss treatments which have proven themselves or their ingredients in clinical studies to help reverse or stop hair loss. They are a consumer run web site, not corporately owned, and take pride in providing only good, clean information.
A web site that helps each woman create a beauty all her own by providing hair color consultation, time saving tricks and tips, and a "try on studio" where one can experiment with virtally all colors and styles.
Telling Lies
A fascinating site by Roger Fides which explores the fragility of truth in our modern culture and society.
The Breast Cancer Site
A site every woman should know about. It provides a wealth of information as well as funding for free mammograms. By just clicking on this site, you can help to provide even more funding for free mammograms for women in need.
Body and Fitness
This comprehensive health and fitness for life website is simple and straightforward. It covers men's and women's health, weight loss, fitness, beauty and other topics.
Vision Rx
An extensive eye care site offering a great deal of very helpful information. Worth your visit when you click "Eye Care Library" and then the "Optical Illusions" page(s). Many wonderful illustrations.
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