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Aging With Technology: What Does That Button Do?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Keeping up with changes in technology is not only difficult but also a bit scary. It seems that once we learn a way to do something, it is already obsolete and we need to be re-trained. Who can keep up? The problem is the older we get, the more complicated this process can become. But it doesn't have to be that way. Read on and take the challenge, if you dare.

Cane Fu Fighting: Self Defense for Seniors
by Marjorie Dorfman

The expression, "raising Cain" may be changed to "raising cane" as the self defense for seniors via canes takes over the land. Read all about this new and very cool form of self defense with a weapon that be carried everywhere!

Bank Fraud and The Senior Population: A New Betrayal
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why are older people more vulnerable to bank fraud? In what ways is this type of scam even more heartbreaking than others? Read on and...beware.

Gambling Among Seniors: Loss of Shirts, Nest Eggs and Other Important Things
by Marjorie Dorfman

Gambling is a pervasive problem in our modern culture, but why are senior citizens particularly vulnerable? What pitfalls lie ahead for them? Read on and take no chances on the odds of this happening to you!

How We Learn, Why We Sometimes Forget and Which is Which?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why do YOU feel your memory fades in some instances and glows in others? The answers lie somewhere between myth and truth. Come with us now along the path where memory lives, that is, if I can remember where it is.

Naked Yoga: Where Are Your Middle-Aged Clothes Anyway?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Is naked yoga a new phenomenon or is it just plain drafty? Many theories abound, but all of them are naked. Read on for some revealing, neo-nude thoughts.

The Holidays For Older Folk: A Challenging Time
by Marjorie Dorfman

The holidays are a tough time for many who find themselves alone. What can be done do to combat feelings of loss and despair? How can the emptiness be filled with positive and healthy actions? Read on and see.

Costume Parties: You are Never Too Old For Some Fun
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why do costume parties never seem to go out of style? What is it about them that appeals to all age groups? Read on for some truth unmasked, if you will.

Knee Replacement Surgery: Whatever Do They Do with The Old One
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you ready to trade in your knee for a newer model? Do you fear the risks involved in knee replacement surgery? Find out more here, whether you want to or don't.

Love Among The Ruins, Older Folk And Other Places
by Marjorie Dorfman

Does love change as we age? Is love experienced any differently at fifty than it was at twenty? In what ways is it maybe even better than the reckless abandon of our youths? Read on, if you dare.

Cataract Surgery: I See, Said The Blind Man
by Marjorie Dorfman

What are cataracts and what does it mean if you have one? Is surgery always the answer? Read on for some light on the subject.

Grandparental Custody: A Stressful Satisfaction
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why are more and more grandparents gaining custody over their grandchildren? What does this say about our society? Read on for some sobering thoughts on an issue that's enough to drive anyone to drink.

Change of Life Babies: Do They Really?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why is motherhood after forty becoming so popular in our culture today? What does it mean for both mother, father and child? Read on for some thoughts on a very controversial topic.

Middle Age Memory Loss: Or Where the Hell Are My Keys?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Do you forget almost everything except who you are every other day of the week? Well, if you are fifty or over, you might want to join this very special club, whose members are in the very same boat and dock.

The Cluttered Nest: Whatever Happened To Wave Bye Bye?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why has there been such an increase in the numbers of adult children returning home to their parents? What does it all mean and should we worry? Read on for some humorous light on the questions.

Stress: Stop In The Name of Life
by Marjorie Dorfman

Is stress damaging the quality of your life? Do you feel overpowered by it? Need to change? Read on for some remedies short of homicide.

Collagen Implants: Be Happy – Go Lippy
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why is collagen replacement therapy so popular today? Read on for some information and a chuckle or two.

Santa Claus and The Aging Child
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why is Santa Claus so endearing to all people? Should he be among us during the year as well? Would that ruin the illusion? Read on for some answers and to all a good night.

How to Move to a New Address Without Leaving Your Aging Mind Behind
by Marjorie Dorfman

Does just the thought of moving at this point in your life give you a massive headache? Do you put off packing and making all those decisions that are destined to bring on more headaches? Read on for some light at the end of the middle-aged relocation tunnel.

Getting Lost: Memoirs of A Non-Explorer
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you one of those people who never know where you are at any given time? Has the situation gotten worse over the years? Read on about the non explorer club which has no meeting place because no one knows how to get there.

Younger Women, Older Men: Vice Versa and Versa Vice
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you the only one on your block hanging out with people your own age? Secretly, do you wonder what makes these May-December romances click? Well, ponder no more, yonder or otherwise. Some answers are here as well as a lighter attitude and a few chuckles.

Snoring and Middle Age: Is There A Remedy Short of Homicide?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Does your partner’s snoring roar through your bedroom like a freight train and wake you up in the middle of the night? Do you harbor the secret, vengeful desire to wake him or her up, just to show how it feels? Learn how to cope with snoring. It won’t help you sleep any better, but at least you will have the necessary tools to keep your partner awake and suffering as well.

Rap Music: One Really Can Be Too Old For Some Things
by Marjorie Dorfman

What are those enormous radios kids are carrying around with them these days? And worse, what are those strange, loud sounds emanating from them? What is this thing called Rap Music and what can it possibly want from anyone over twenty-five?

To Exercise or No? How Many Choices Do I Have?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Do you put off exercising? Would you secretly rather do anything but that? If so, join my club. You probably won’t change your mind, but you might start worrying a bit more about not exercising.

Second Marriages, Third Mortgages and Numerous Step-Children
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you happy to have found the right soul mate for the second, third or fourth time in your life? Be careful. Have respect for your partner and reasonable expectations before you take that plunge. Read on for some advice and remember that only you can prevent forest fires.

Insomnia: The Bane of Middle and Other Ages
by Marjorie Dorfman

Do you find yourself tossing and turning instead of sleeping during the night? Do you talk back to the sheep that keep jumping before your weary eyes? Are you tired of being tired? Well, read on. Maybe you'll find some help. Or at least a laugh to help you through.

Menopause: Is It Really for You?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you prepared for menopause? Is anybody? These and other searing questions may or may not be answered in the following article, but at least you will be able to chuckle about it.

The Mid Life Crisis: Madness Defined
by Marjorie Dorfman

Have you ever experienced the invasion of a mid-life crisis? Would you know the warning signs if you saw them? Read on for some answers and some hope at the end of this psychologically charged tunnel.

Implants: A Dentalmental Journey
by Marjorie Dorfman

Do you dread the thought of losing your natural teeth? Are you aware of the many alternatives, humorous and otherwise, that are available on the dental market today? Read on and learn about dental implants and whether or not they are for you

Arthritis: These Joints Ain't Jumpin
by Marjorie Dorfman

Arthritis, as well as the good things in life, comes to all who wait. It will also arrive to all of us who live long enough for our joints to get brittle. Don't just stand there looking pained and helpless! Learn how to cope with some simple tips and a change of attitude.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Study In Baldness
by Marjorie Dorfman

How does one deal with such an obvious effect on one's appearance? Where can one find the best ways to stop or deal with hair loss? Hopefully, a laugh or two will escape from hairless lips in the process.

Covering The Gray: An Exercise in Futility
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you overwhelmed with the gray hair that keeps encroaching on your poor, middle-aged head? Read on for some advice and hopefully, a laugh or two.

Lying Through Teeth and Other Places
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why do perfectly honest people begin to lie once they have reached middle age? Why is telling the truth about one's age so difficult to do? Read on for the painful truth and a chuckle.

Mammograms, Pap Tests and Other Pleasantries of Middle Age
by Marjorie Dorfman

Do you sometimes feel like an appliance whose warranty has just expired? Are you tired of all these tests the doctors tell you you have to take to insure that you will reach old age? Or are you just tired? Read on and laugh.

Spiders And Other Veins
by Marjorie Dorfman

What do you do when spider veins have taken over your legs? Well, don't just stand there! Zap them! After that, read on for a more mature solution.

Wearing Glasses: Are You Really There or Do I Just Think I Can See You?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Are you one of those who insists that they don't need glasses and that fine print is getting smaller and smaller with each passing day? If you are, read on; that is, if you dare.