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MBS Financial Throws a Lifeline to Small Business Owners
by Marjorie Dorfman

For many small business owners, success is akin to swimming in shark-infested waters. Peril lies everywhere; hidden behind the fins of impending sharks of all kinds and the never-ending quest for more capital to withstand, expand and survive. Legally defined as having under 100 employees, small companies suffer just as much (if not more) than their larger counterparts and have similar management problems. These include: health insurance costs, liability insurance, Workers’ compensation, fuel costs, federal, property and state taxes, cash flow, electricity rates and governmental regulations. Often, these burdens can be too costly to bear, and the small business entrepreneur is whirled into even deeper debt-ridden waters floundering along the elusive shores of success.

One of the biggest myths that entrepreneurs fall prey to is the assumption that someone who is an expert in any given field will automatically become an expert at running that kind of business. This is rarely the case, as additional management skills are always necessary to keep a business running smoothly.

But all is not gloom and doom. There are definite advantages to running a small business and they never fail to attract newcomers with hope in their hearts, albeit not so much money in their pockets. A small business can be started at very low cost and within the time frame (part or full-time) that is convenient to the entrepreneur. The intimacy and responsiveness made possible with a small business appeals to customers who fear being lost in the immense coldness of the larger conglomerates. Since the late 1990s, small businesses have adapted very well to internet marketing and are easily managed to serve a specific niche, which is virtually impossible with larger scale businesses.

Very often, the flow of cash cannot be regulated quickly enough to prevent foreclosure, which occurs like clockwork after 90 days, smashing hopes and dreams to smithereens. Time lost is never financial security regained. A domino effect often occurs in the desperate race against time to prevent foreclosure, causing the neglect of matters at hand and ultimately, business collapse. A solid work ethic and positive attitude should be but, unfortunately, are not enough to sustain a business. Substantial capital flow always makes the difference.

And that’s where hope makes a magnificent entrance in the form of MBS Financial, a company whose caring administrators have offered a lifeline to the small business owner for the last two decades. Their belief is to be pre-armed with necessary cash in order to address all financial needs before they occur. In this case, going against the grain of the old proverb, and indeed, counting your chickens (financial troubles) before they hatch. MBS Financial is there with funds for virtually every need imaginable They might not finance a ship to hunt for buried treasure indicated on a map found in your attic, but just about anything else goes. MBS Financial is the cash flow source you can count on.

Let MBS Financial become your Strategic Capital Partner and lead your troubled company to victory through its darkest hour. MBS provides a myriad of funding solutions, ranging from a competitive AAA transaction to funding a BK or debtor in possession. Take advantage of its newest product, a NO FICO SCORE-NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE quick cash infusion with an added revolving line of credit!

MBS can lend a helping hand for anything you might need, including debt settlement negotiations, tax resolution, Conventional SBA loans, Unconventional Cash Infusions or just needed working capital.

"Deal Driven not Credit Driven" is their mantra, and MBS Financial will come through for you when it matters.

Approach the advisors at MBS Financial today with your vision for a more productive life. See your dreams come true tomorrow!